Who is Johnny Cosmo?

Radio has been part of his life since college. He currently hosts a podcast, The Johnny Cosmo Show--it only took him three weeks to arrive at the title.  As a kid he’d walk around the house with a spatula and discuss the weather.  Today, he’s still a big fan of kitchen utensils.

Johnny Cosmo attended 15 schools, and then landed a career traveling the country for 20 years hosting a broad swath of engagements as Emcee and speaker at corporate events. He has lived in Hollywood for the past 20 years, and is an amateur Hollywood Historian and national Classic Bar aficionado.  Cosmo is proud of his book, The Player’s Guide to Playing:  The Art of the Chase (Smashwords.com, Amazon.com). This satire offers guidelines to both genders for handling the opposite sex.  It is about communication, not fornication, and it’s a laugh a minute—two laughs if you read quickly. 

He performs voiceovers, and has acted in a variety of independent films.